GEA CONFERENCE is a program of cultural activities within the electronic music universe divided into conferences (day) and concerts / discotheques (day / night). The founding base of GEA has already won more than 10,000 artists in its entirety. The professionals involved are inserted in the environment of electronic music and culture for more than 30 years.


Program of the day: Meeting with artists, demonstrations of equipment (sponsors), open sessions of masterclasses, films / documentaries, thematic workshops (arduino, circuit bending, prototyping and electronic art), technology exhibitions and Museum collection MEB, and more.


More specifically, align the audience with products from major brands like Apple, Microsoft, Roland, Yamaha, Novation, Korg, Behringer, Pioneer, Tascam, Arturia, Genelec, Mackie, Soundcraft, Allen & Heath, Samson, Neumann, Shure, Sennheizer , RME, Motu, Avid, Ableton, Propellerheads, Spectrasonics, Native Instruments, Access, Nord, Eventide, TC Electronic, Boss, Zoom, Moog, Dave Smith Instruments / Sequential, Modal, Pittsburgh Modular, Doepfer, Roli, Canon, Nikon, GoPro, among many others and also supporting innovative initiatives in electronic music technologies (startups and projects) and the latest musical trends.


This is the mission of GEA CONFERENCE.


GEA FEST is the climax of GEA CONFERENCE. It was formed previously in Brazil as the presentation with some thousands of followers in discotheques and lives. Opened worldwide for electronic music, GEA FEST supports a global presentation initiative to celebrate values ​​such as love, respect, tolerance in a peaceful community aiming to take it to the world.

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A opinião individual dos fundadores e membros do GEA pode não refletir a opinião do grupo como um todo.

O grupo GEA não permite aos seus membros e fundadores a celebração de contratos, prestação de serviços ou atividades culturais de qualquer natureza como representantes e em nome do grupo GEA ou em nome de outros membros e fundadores. Estes deverão ser feitos em caráter individual como pessoas físicas ou jurídicas excluindo assim os demais membros de qualquer responsabilidade.

O uso do logo e título GEA como apoio ideológico em projetos individuais ou coletivos  de membros e fundadores fica facultado ao aval dos fundadores na forma escrita.