Comunidade GEA

The biggest difference of the GEA is the support to the artists.



In addition to fostering the culture of electronic art in society as a whole, GEA also focuses its efforts on training new professionals to market that stand out by using technological equipment to produce music during their live presentations (LIVE ACT).


Our lectures, workshops and courses permeate subjects that deal directly with the professional career of these artists, putting them in direct contact with techniques, concepts and aesthetics, as well as with the founding artists, who bring successful careers of several decades.


In addition, the GEA is always open to receive releases and demos that will be analyzed and these artists receive the opportunity to join the GEA community of artists accredited by the institution and being able to participate in future events of GEA CONFERENCE and GEA FEST both in the territory national and foreign.


Another differential of GEA happens at the apex of GEA FEST. This is the award of outstanding LIVE ACT artists, among those who submit work through the GEA website or events. These artists will receive technology products from partner brands like Focusrite, among others, for the recognition of the excellence, personality and exclusivity of their artistic works. In addition, they will also be able to have their art released through professional platforms via our labels, distributors, publishers and partner labels, such as Brasbeat, Grooveland, SP Recordings, Future Scope Records, Conves) cote Records, among others.


So if you are an artist who does LIVE ACT, who uses technological resources such as synthesizers, electronic drums and other equipment in their live performance, send your material in the form of a brief description and your direct links to your videos or release on the the form below. The GEA team will analyze and give a return.


The possibility of you being invited to perform at the next GEA FEST or having your professionally published work is great. Be part of the GEA partner artists.

Send your release here

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O grupo GEA não permite aos seus membros e fundadores a celebração de contratos, prestação de serviços ou atividades culturais de qualquer natureza como representantes e em nome do grupo GEA ou em nome de outros membros e fundadores. Estes deverão ser feitos em caráter individual como pessoas físicas ou jurídicas excluindo assim os demais membros de qualquer responsabilidade.

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